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We work a little different here at Finch's Home & Garden Care

Unlike most other industries, with the trades there is such an abundance of work that companies and contractors tend to specialise in doing one thing, and one thing only, and you rarely have the ability to check out if they actually do it well or for a fair price.

Because of this abundance of work a lot of smaller or more difficult jobs can often keep getting pushed to the back of the list leaving you wondering if it will ever get done.

Luckily for you our team truly values the pride and satisfaction we get from going home at the end of the day knowing we've done good work among our wonderful communities.

It is because of this pride, not only in the work we do, but in our profession as a whole, that we do things a little different than most others in the trades.

  • We accept all jobs within our teams skill range.*

This serves three purposes:

  1. We will commit ourselves to get the job done, no matter how big or small.

  2. To make sure that we complete as wide of a range of jobs as possible to prevent you from having to find multiple companies to individually complete multiple jobs.

  3. Encourages our most skilled staff members to take on apprentices to help get the work done, and in turn helping provide jobs in an industry sorely in need of more trades people.​

*Due to increased demand for our services we are not always able to take on new clients, as existing clients have priority when it comes to taking on new jobs.

  • Fair and flexible pricing

This can be effected by multiple factors including:

  1. The level of skill/training required. I.e. An experienced/qualified member of our team may have a higher hourly rate than a casual employee.

  2. Access to costly equipment/tools. This allows us to distribute the upkeep costs solely on jobs the equipment is used for.

  3. Quality of work done - there are often a lot of choices for extra quality to be added, or for corners to be cut. We will discuss with you before hand to make sure we get the job done right for you, this might mean extra time and care taken to improve the quality of the finish beyond the norm, but it also might mean just getting it as good as we can while making sure we stick to your budget.

  • Communication is key

There are a lot of unforeseen things in this line of work that like to pop up without warning, and we want to do our best to keep you in the loop so you know exactly what is going on, and can make sure the job is always handled the way you want.

It could be as simple as the weather, or a replacement part getting lost in the post, or maybe a difficulty hidden behind the paint, or under the ground.

Even when everything goes exactly as planned, we will make sure you know and are kept up to date with everything that goes on.

Gardening Tools

Meet Jake Finch, founder and director,

and learn the inspiration behind our work

Modern Villa

Finch's Home & Garden Care started out as a small hobby job and a wonderful reason to get out of the house, meet new people, and do some work that I find deeply satisfying. What I didn't expect was my idea of a doing a few casual and small jobs over summer to explode into a 70+ hour workweek in less than two months.

Growing up on a rural property I spent my childhood tending to my animals, garden and home which caused me to developed a lot of pride in the work we did to have such a lovely home to live in.

Over the years we planted out our property with thousands of plants. Some of the work we did included a 20sqm+ native forest garden grown to be near completely maintenance free, 10 home built raised beds for growing vegetables, three planted & grassed terraces 

each over 50m long along with 2 further independent areas planted as orchards that fruited 9 months a year.

Jake Finch

As I got older I spent a lot of time observing and helping the different builders and tradies that were around as our 2nd house was built from the ground up.

In addition to this I was also part of New Zealands former and only Aviation Academy, where I was lucky enough to be one of the 10 students that got the experience of building a working WW1 Piper Cub Aircraft from scratch, as well as restoring a WW2 Mk 5 Auster.
Thanks to these, among other experiences (including the trade work I did in Christchurch after the earthquakes during my studies) I have gained knowledge and experience on various home and garden related trades.

But the most important reason I chose to take on this work is because I genuinely enjoy it. With the direction of my studies I was well on the way to a very high paying career, but honestly I just wasn't that happy. So I took the time off to travel the world and came to the conclusion that it meant much more to me to be doing work I enjoy rather than just working for the money.

So when I got back to New Zealand I started up a small private travel agency, and took up some casual jobs while I started to settle down here in Wellington.
Then in the summer of 2019 some of my casual gardening jobs very quickly spread my name and changed it from hobby work into a full time business, and just in time as well! With the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 wiping my travel agency off the map, it also left scores of talented and passionate people without any work, and freed up a lot of my time to focus on growing Finch's Home & Garden Care to be able to create new job opportunities offering honest and well paid work.

As Finch's Home & Garden Care has expanded I've taken great pleasure in every new job, and have started to seek out and hire hardworking staff that genuinely enjoy the work we do, and that is exactly what we are about. Everyone here at Finch's Home & Garden Care comes to work because they enjoy what they do, and we always provide an exceptional service because we take pride in our work and believe that everyone deserves to be able to actively enjoy living in their home.

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