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COVID-19 Operations and Precautions

We want to make sure that during this difficult time we are doing everything we can to help our communities to remain safe while still being able to get the job done to the same high standards we are known for.
This is split into two different levels of security protocols will be followed for all work until COVID-19 is eliminated from our communities, with our maximum security adding on further precautions to ensure the highest level of safety is maintained.

Base security protocols will be followed for all work and will consist of:

  • All work completed with sterilised gloves.

  • Minimum 3m social distancing.

  • Full body protective gear to be worn if 3m distancing becomes impractical.

Maximum security protocols will be followed on request, and automatically ​for all indoor work, and for any work within a bubble shared by someone at risk.
This will consist of:

  • Face masks to be worn at all times.

  • All tools, equipment, and materials to be sterilised before entering the property.

  • All items and surfaces we come in contact with to be cleaned and sterilised prior to leaving the property.

  • Hand sanitiser to be used immediately if face is touched by accident or necessity.

What work do we accept at different alert levels?

Level 4:

Only essential repair work is permitted. This is judged on a case by case basis.

Level 3:

Exterior work can resume, though may be slowed down due to distancing precautions on jobs that may otherwise have multiple staff working together.

Interior work can resume for empty and unused spaces, as well as any repair work for the purpose of minimising or eliminating health/safety/security risks.

Level 2:

All work can resume, with aforementioned security measures in place.

I (Jake Finch) will also do my best to personally attend to any work that takes place within a bubble shared by someone at risk.

I take extra precautions as I am the only person able to leave my bubble during Level 3, so when I do I remain in full body protective gear until I return home, at which point my gear is taken off and stored in a separate area, as well as any and all items entering the house first being bleach or alcohol washed.

While these strict practices do help keep myself and my housemates safe the main purpose is to ensure the safety of my elderly and at risk clients and friends.

If you know of any other precautions we could implement to improve our protocols please do let us know.

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