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Advantages of 'No-Mow' 

Why spend so much time and money on a lawn filled with weeds that you barely use?

Not to mention the air pollution caused by mowing when you could instead be helping the environment, from the bees and birds to the very air that you breathe.


Instead you could have a low growing grass sprinkled with wildflowers, or a carefully grown work of living art in your backyard.

 The origin of lawns 

Why are trimmed lawns so popular?

They originally started off as a symbol of wealth and prosperity in the 16th century by aristocrats throughout Europe who could afford to pay staff to regularly and manually maintain their 'Laund' (glade/pasture)

When the first lawn mower was invented in 1830 it boomed in popularity, as it allowed land owners to obtain and maintain this symbol of prosperity for a fraction of the cost and work.

 'No-Mow' Lawn/Garden Redesign 

We take our design inspiration from all over the world, but with a particular focus on English wildflower and vegetable gardens, Japanese decorative gardens, and Kiwi decking and native planting.

Our goal is to help you create a garden special and unique to you.

We are here to help whether you want a low cost, low maintenance space; a carefully crafted designer garden; or anything in between!

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Garden Waterfall

 Waterfall & Pond Design And Installation 

The calming trickle of water among your own personal paradise is a hard to beat addition to your home, and it doesn't have to break the bank.

Often the most expensive parts of a water feature build are the rocks and stones used to give that natural feeling, but with clever concreting and planting techniques the amount of feature stones needed to achieve the same effect can be drastically reduced.
Another option is to have a day trip out along any of our large rivers and collect some rocks yourself, this can add a wonderful air of nostalgia to the finished feature knowing that every piece was hand picked by you and your friends/family.

Designs can be as small and simple as a single waterfall magically disappearing into the earth below, through to multi-levelled waterfalls and streams ending in a beautiful coy fish and lily pad pond.

Consults are complementary and allow us the time to have a chat and look through different design features and options so we can make a paradise that is uniquely yours.

What are you waiting for? Call us today!!!

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 Urban Pet Home Extensions 

Do you want your pet to be able to freely enjoy going outside, but without the worry of them running off, getting hit by traffic, or hunting/fighting wild animals?

Whether you want an Aviary, a Cat-io, Doggy Deck, or any other outdoor enclosure then rejoice, for you have come to the right place!

As every home is different we don't do a 'one size fits all', we will design the enclosures to ensure they are reaching their maximum potential for both you and your pets.

While we can build completely separate units, we specialise in making functional spaces with an indoor/outdoor flow that will let your pets move around as they please, and can build aerodynamic entrances to allow the space to stay open with minimal heat loss over winter.

Not only will your pet love their newfound playroom, but it also allows you to move any litter boxes you may have to an outdoor space to let the less than pleasant smells you know all too well fade away with the wind, as well as no longer having to worry about any 'accidents' that your loved one may leave on the carpet should you not be there to let them outside precisely when they need it.

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 Chemical Free Weed Killing 

We are currently in the design & testing process for a portable boiler, which allows us to kill off any unwanted weeds, moss, and other small plants using only water.

This service is especially designed especially for vegetable patches and new planting projects to kill off any and all weeds and their seeds with absolutely no environmental impact.

It can also be especially useful for killing off moss before pressure washing, as if the moss is alive at the time of cleaning it will release millions of invisible spores into the air which will land all over your freshly cleaned area and grow back in record time.


By heating the water to the right temperature it causes the cells in the weeds, and all seeds near the surface to slightly expand with heat, damaging their structure and completely stopping them growing. Within a week they will die off and help to compost your now weed free soil.

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 Natural Recycled Weed Matting 

By using otherwise wasted materials made out of cotton, linen, and fleece we are able to create completely natural and biodegradable weed matting for your garden.

We receive various clothes, sheets, and other items rejected by op-shops and other charities that would otherwise be thrown away.

After measuring your garden we sew them together to make a perfect fit, using thicker more tightly bound fabric in areas you want it to protect for longer, and lighter fabric around new plants and shrubs, allowing them to grow without strangling themselves on the material.

There are quite a few advantages to using natural fibres in place of their plastic counterparts apart from the obvious of avoiding the manufacturing and burial of plastic matting, like the fact that natural fibres allow the absorption of water to avoid the ground underneath drying up and cracking, as well as working as a better insulator both by keeping the cold out during winter, and helping it stay cool over summer.

While the materials are completely biodegradable they can act as an effective weed matting for 3-10 years, which is usually the time the plastic counterparts become ineffective due to the build up of compost on top of them from various decaying leaves and insects.

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 Custom Built Letterboxes 

If you've ever been shopping for a new letterbox you'll know just how expensive they can be even for simple for simple mass produces models, and we figured we could have fun making the occasional letterbox, and provide a custom high quality option at the same price as store models.

So if you're interested just flick us a text or an email, and we can have a chat about what styles you like and get back to you with a free no obligations design draft.

All letterboxes are made with quality wood and can be either stained or painted.

For the more creative spirits we can even provide a painting package along with your own custom built pre-coated letterbox, so you can make the design truly yours!

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